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Engagement and wedding rings are a beautiful and meaningful symbol of love and commitment between two people. But what order do you wear them in? It can be confusing, so let’s take a look at the order of engagement and wedding rings.

When you are newly engaged, the first ring that goes on the finger is the engagement ring. This is the ring that your partner gave you when they asked you to marry them. The engagement ring is usually a band with a diamond or other precious stone. It is a sign that you are committed to each other and that you are planning to get married.

After the wedding, the wedding ring is placed on the finger. This is the symbol of the marriage and the union between the two of you. The wedding ring often looks similar to the engagement ring but is usually more ornate and detailed. It is a sign of your love and commitment to each other and the marriage.

When wearing the rings, the engagement ring is placed on the left ring finger and the wedding ring is placed on top. The left ring finger is the traditional spot for a ring because it is believed to be connected to the heart, making it a special spot to wear your rings.

The order of engagement and wedding rings is a beautiful tradition that symbolizes your love and commitment. Wearing them in the correct order is important and will help you show the world how much your loved one means to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What order do engagement and wedding rings go?
Answer: Engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger, followed by the wedding ring on the right ring finger.

FAQ 2: Should I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day?
Answer: Yes, traditionally the bride wears both her engagement ring and wedding ring on her wedding day.

FAQ 3: Can I wear a wedding ring on my right hand?
Answer: Yes, many people choose to wear their wedding ring on the right hand.

FAQ 4: Who pays for the engagement ring?
Answer: Traditionally, the groom pays for the engagement ring.

FAQ 5: How much should you spend on an engagement ring?
Answer: How much you spend on an engagement ring is up to you, however popular opinion suggests spending between two and three months salary.