what does jlo do with her engagement rings

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most successful and influential entertainers of our time. She is a multi-talented singer, dancer, actress, and fashion designer, and she has been at the top of her game for over two decades. She has also had a few high-profile relationships, which have seen her receive several engagement rings over the years. But what has she done with all of these rings?

In 2018, Lopez was engaged to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. She received a gorgeous, emerald-cut diamond ring that was estimated to be worth around $1.8 million. However, the couple eventually split in April 2021 and the ring was never seen again. It’s unclear what happened to the ring, but Lopez has not been seen wearing it since.

In 2002, Lopez was engaged to actor Ben Affleck. She was given an impressive pink diamond engagement ring that was estimated to be worth around $2.5 million. This ring was also never seen again after the couple split in 2004.

Lopez was also engaged to singer Marc Anthony in 2004, and she was given an 8-carat diamond ring. This ring was seen on Lopez’s finger for several years after the couple split in 2011. In 2017, Lopez finally sold the ring for an estimated $1.2 million.

Finally, Lopez was briefly engaged to dancer Casper Smart in 2014. She received a stunning 5-carat diamond ring, which she still owns. The ring is said to be worth around $1 million and Lopez has been seen wearing it throughout the years.

It’s clear that Lopez has had several impressive engagement rings over the years. While some have been sold or have gone missing, she still owns one of her most beautiful rings. It looks like Lopez is holding onto her gorgeous 5-carat diamond ring in case she finds true love again.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs and Answers

Q1. What does Jennifer Lopez do with her engagement rings?
A1. Jennifer Lopez typically donates her engagement rings to charity. She has donated rings from past engagements to the Diamond Empowerment Fund and the Step Up Women’s Network.

Q2. How many engagements has Jennifer Lopez had?
A2. Jennifer Lopez has been engaged three times in her life.

Q3. Who is Jennifer Lopez’s current fiancĂ©?
A3. Jennifer Lopez is currently engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

Q4. How long have Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez been dating?
A4. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating since February 2017.

Q5. How did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez get engaged?
A5. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged in March 2019 when Alex proposed to Jennifer with an emerald-cut diamond ring.