did jlo keep her engagement rings

Jennifer Lopez has been engaged several times in her life, including to Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and Alex Rodriguez. Each time she was engaged, she was gifted with a beautiful engagement ring. But the question remains, did JLo keep any of her engagement rings after the relationships ended?

The answer is yes, Jennifer Lopez does still have at least one of her engagement rings. After her split from Alex Rodriguez in 2021, she was seen wearing a diamond and emerald engagement ring. She also wore it to a recent awards show, further confirming that she still has the ring. This is the same ring that Alex Rodriguez gave her in 2019, when he proposed.

Although she kept her latest ring, the same can’t be said for her previous ones. After her relationship with Ben Affleck ended, she gifted the diamond and pink sapphire engagement ring he gave her to her sister, Lynda Lopez. Similarly, after her split from Marc Anthony, she reportedly gave the diamond and ruby ring he gave her to her mother, Guadalupe Lopez.

It’s clear that Jennifer Lopez values her engagement rings even after the relationships end. She holds onto the ring that Alex Rodriguez gave her, but also shows kindness and generosity by gifting her other rings to her loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Did Jennifer Lopez keep her engagement rings?
Answer: Yes, Jennifer Lopez kept her engagement rings from her former fianc├ęs Ben Affleck and Alex Rodriguez.