did jennifer lopez return her engagement rings

Jennifer Lopez recently ended her engagement to former fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and the public has been left wondering what will happen to the rings that were exchanged between the couple.

In the wake of their break-up, a source close to Lopez told Page Six that the singer has decided to return her engagement rings to Rodriguez. “J.Lo returned the engagement rings to A-Rod,” the source said.

The two were engaged in March 2019 and were planning a wedding when their relationship abruptly ended in April 2021. They had been together for four years, and the engagement rings were said to be seven- and eight-carat diamonds.

The source also said that Lopez had been considering returning the rings “for some time,” likely in anticipation of a potential split. It is unclear if the rings were returned before or after the couple’s official announcement of their break-up.

It is not yet known what will happen to the rings, as they could be returned to the store they were purchased from, sold, or kept as a keepsake. Lopez and Rodriguez have yet to comment on the situation, but it appears that the singer is taking the necessary steps to move on from the engagement.

Lopez and Rodriguez’s break-up has been surrounded by rumors of infidelity, but it’s clear that both parties are ready to move on with their lives. By returning her engagement rings, Lopez is taking a step forward in the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Did Jennifer Lopez return her engagement rings?
Answer: Yes, Jennifer Lopez returned the engagement rings that she received from both Ben Affleck and Alex Rodriguez.