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De Beers and the Diamond Engagement Ring

The diamond engagement ring has long been a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. The roots of this tradition can be traced back to De Beers, a South African diamond company. Founded in 1888 by Cecil John Rhodes, De Beers has become an international leader in the diamond industry.

De Beers is known for its famous slogan, “A Diamond is Forever,” which was introduced in 1947. This phrase has become the foundation of the diamond engagement ring tradition, and has helped make De Beers one of the most recognizable names in the diamond industry.

De Beers is credited with popularizing the diamond engagement ring in the 1930s. Before then, diamond rings were seen as a luxury item, only worn by the wealthy. De Beers changed all of that by launching a marketing campaign that encouraged young couples to purchase diamond rings as a symbol of their commitment. This campaign highlighted the value and beauty of diamonds, and helped make them a popular choice for engagement rings.

Today, De Beers continues to be a leader in the diamond industry. The company is known for its high quality diamonds, which are mined from its own mines in Africa. De Beers also offers a wide selection of diamond engagement rings, from classic solitaire styles to contemporary designs.

No matter the style, De Beers diamonds are a symbol of commitment and love that will last a lifetime. The tradition of the diamond engagement ring is one that is steeped in history, and thanks to De Beers, it is here to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What is De Beers?
Answer: De Beers is a diamond mining and trading company founded in 1888 by the British entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes. They are one of the world’s leading diamond companies, specializing in the mining, trading and retailing of rough and polished diamonds.

FAQ 2: Where can I buy De Beers engagement rings?
Answer: De Beers engagement rings can be purchased at authorized De Beers retailers, which can be found on their website.

FAQ 3: What is the difference between a De Beers engagement ring and a regular diamond ring?
Answer: A De Beers engagement ring is crafted with the highest quality diamonds, hand-selected and crafted to meet their exacting standards. De Beers engagement rings also come with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its quality and origin.

FAQ 4: How much does a De Beers engagement ring cost?
Answer: The cost of a De Beers engagement ring will depend on the size, shape, and clarity of the diamond, as well as the type of setting and metal used for the ring.

FAQ 5: Does De Beers offer financing for engagement rings?
Answer: Yes, De Beers offers financing options for engagement rings. You can apply for financing online or in-store.